International Dnipro Swim Marathon
International Dnipro Swim Marathon is an annual sport event having a rich history and holding since 2007.

The offered races allow you to choose a distance for every taste and level of preparation: 10 km, 5 km, 3 km, relay 5 km + 5 km, children's swim at 800 m, as well as ultra-swim at 20 km.

The ones who choose the main distance, 10 km, will start on the left side of the Dnipro river. The athletes will cross the water area in its widest place with the finish on the right bank in Cherkasy. The entire distance runs along the longest dam in Ukraine.

Competitors of the 5 km race will start from Panske. It's a unique village in Ukraine located on the dam and having only six houses

The start of 3 km race is from water. Going to the starting point by ship, swimmers will feel the real spirit of adventure.

The youngest participants will swim the distance of 800 m.

The most experienced swimmers will cover 20 km. Route: restaurant Bochka - v. Blagodatne - restaurant Bochka.

The race is held with the highest level of organization; the distance is marked by buoys, and participants are accompanied by boats ensuring safety on the water.

Participation in the International Dnipro Swim Marathon will bring you a lot of positive emotions. It's a great sport holiday not only for you but for your friends and family.
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